Fast and easy identification of plant microRNAs

miRkwood is a software package for the discovery of microRNAs and their hairpin precursors in plant genomes. It combines multiple evidences to support the prediction: thermodynamical stability, conservation, miRNA:miRNA* duplex,... miRkwood has a user-friendly interface to navigate in the data, as well as many export options to conduct further analyses.

It comes in two versions.

Run mirkwood ab initio, for the analysis of raw genomic sequences

Run mirkwood small RNA-seq, for the analysis of deep sequencing data

Where does the name come from ?

Visit Tolkien's legendarium.


Sylvain Legrand (Evo-Eco-Paleo, UMR CNRS 8198 University of Lille)
Isabelle Guigon, Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, Mohcen Benmounah, bilille
Hélène Touzet, Bonsai (CRIStAL, UMR CNRS 9189 University of Lille)



This project was supported by France Genomique.